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Mep Kebra Byte - Executable compressor
Graphic user interface for UPX

Mep KebraByte is a freeware graphic user interface (a "front end") for UPX, a executable compressor. It can reduces the size of your programs, DLLs, OCX files... Up to 70%!

Click here to download

UPX is a tool which compress executables, dlls, and various win32/pe format files. Being smaller, the files are sent by the web more quickly, they occupy less space in the installation media, besides to facilitate the user's life and to save HDs.

UPX compresses the components of the executable, including sections patterns and resources, and it adds to the package a very small module, for decompression. It is won in time and acting: the extraction practically is not perceptible. When executing the file, it is automatically extracted for the memory and usually turned. Difficultly the compressed file stops working, except in some cases where he makes certain verifications or alterations in himself. Your program should work in all of the versions of Windows in the which it worked before being compacted. See Mep KebraByte's interface:

Kebra Byte
Kebra Byte's interface in English

Check some prominences of Kebra Byte / UPX:
- friendly interface, simple and fast;
- it allows to drag the file to be compressed upward of its screen, or still for the menu 'Send To > Kebra Byte';
- choice of compression options, in case some fails or impede your program of running;
- possibility to decompress a file compressed by UPX;
- indication of the size of the file before and after the compacting;
- interface in multiple languages, besides you can add languages that don't consist sending us the translation;
- light and fast, wheel of Windows 95/NT4 to the most recent, XP and Server 2003;
- being compressed, the resource explorers and hex editors won't get to alter your file correctly; it is guaranteed like this a protection against beginners hackers or exploiting users, without many technical knowledge.

Kebra Byte
Version: 1.1
Distribution: Freeware
Size (zip): 706 kb
Windows 95/NT or higher.

Available languages
- English (by Cinthya Helena)
- Brazlian Portuguese (native development)
- Esperanto (by Jairo)

Developers or software distributors and executable applications in general.


Do Want you an exe compressor in your language?
Please: translate Mep KebraByte to it! It's very easy, we send you a text file with words and expressions, and you reply us with the translation.
Now KebraByte is available in Brazilian Portuguese (native development) and English.
Click here and request the file for translation.

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